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Since I was young I would draw houses, layouts and just imagine what spaces could be like.  After years of working on the commercial side of design and construction, I find myself drawn back to residential projects which allow close collaboration with clients to bring joy to their space.  Together we can create special spaces and have fun doing so.

Would love to hear from you!

- Jillian



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I Obsess Over...

// Color whether it is the right shade, saturation or hue. It could be for paint, textiles, flooring or wallcovering - selecting the perfect color palette is the foundation for the space.  There is so much you can achieve with the right color.

// Functionality is something I love to discuss.  How do you want to use the space day-to-day vs. special occasions?  Do you have a dog that jumps on the furniture we need to account for?  How do people move through the space? Let's discuss and incorporate this information into the design.

// Thoughtful Solutions are part of design, from how we need to solve for storage, to how we design a room for a child to grow-up in, and more.  Solutions also relate to budgeting - ensuring we best allocate the budget and get the most out of every dollar.  

​// Client's Happiness is the ultimate driver.  I want to make the process enjoyable and take the stress away from a project.  I've executed over 75+ commercial and many residential projects and bring with me a depth of knowledge to create a smooth process and keep the project on track.

Would love to hear from you!

I'll be in touch!

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