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Paint Review // Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008

One of our clients recently relocated from Chicago to Dallas and purchased a lovely Tudor style home in the Park Cities neighborhood. They fell in love with the character, layout and neighborhood but we knew there were a few changes to do within the first year. First up was to paint the entire first floor to brighten it up and create a clean and crisp look, while still maintaining the warmth.

After research and mock-ups we ultimately landed on the perfect white paint color for their home - Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008. Sharing some photos of how it turned out in our client's home along with other great SW Alabaster inspiration photos. If you are looking for traditional yet modern white paint color this is the one for you.

Picking out the perfect white paint color can be a challenge, so we wanted to share some of our other go-to white paint colors below. Other great options we considered included: BM White Dove, BM Swiss Coffee and BM Chantilly Lace.


SW Alabaster // Design + Inspiration Images

When selecting paint color(s) we love to see how it looks in other's spaces as well. While this is just one part to consider (seeing the color in your space is the most important) we couldn't help but share some other lovely photos of Sherwin William's Alabaster. This beautiful warm white paint color looks stunning in any space from a bedroom to kitchen or a great option for your entire home.

Bathroom // SW Alabaster

Kitchen Cabinets // SW Alabaster

Kitchen Cabinets // SW Alabaster

Mudroom Built-Ins // SW Alabaster

Bathroom Shiplap // SW Alabaster

Kitchen Walls // SW Alabaster

Bedroom // SW Alabaster

Kitchen Walls // SW Alabaster

Tips + Client in Progress Photos

Whether there is full, partial or indirect light - Sherwin Williams Alabaster looks stunning in our client's home. SW Alabaster undertones are great - it is not too warm or cool. So this is a great selection for homes that still might have the traditional and warmer palette in other areas of the house.

Family Room // SW Alabaster
We love how the paint pairs with the rich wood floors and these flowy white drapes.

Family Room // SW Alabaster
This paint color pairs well with a variety wood tones.

Family Room // SW Alabaster
Extremely versatile paint color that can unify a room.

Living Room // SW Alabaster
Perfect paint color for the entire home.

Dining Room // SW Alabaster
We like the slight contrast this paint color provides against the trim and doors.

Entryway // SW Alabaster
We love how the paint pairs well with cooler tones, like the navy sofa.

Dining Room // SW Alabaster
Even in low lighting how it still looks crisp and brightens up the room.

White Paint Colors We Considered

We knew we wanted a white paint color that would work well for the entire home, so we wanted to select a versatile color that would connect the spaces and provide just the hint of warmth (but had to make sure it did not give off any yellow casting into the home). Also, we wanted to make sure the wall color provided enough contrast to showcase the beautiful trim and molding throughout the home as well.

The four initial white paint colors we considered were: Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, Benjamin Moore White Dove and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. After we narrowed it down, we sent our client a few Samplize samples so that we could begin to see how the paint colors looked in their home, different rooms and see how it appears during different times of day.

Sharing some other design images we considered for the paint color inspiration. While SW Alabaster was our final selection we cannot help but love how these other great white paint colors work in these designs and homes below.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Built-In Cabinets // Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Check out our other paint reviews from Grace + Henry Designs. And let us know if there is a specific paint color or hue you want us to review! We hope this helps in your next paint color selection.


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