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Elegant Primary Bathroom Renovation

Our Chicago client decided that while they are renovating their kitchen, it would be a great time to renovate their primary bathroom as well since it has always been on their mind. The kitchen renovation was off to a great start so we quickly got to work creating mood boards, product selections and construction is already underway for their new primary bathroom!

We have worked closely with our amazing client before, so had a good feel on their overall aesthetic and goals going into this renovations. This enabled us to jump right into reviewing some gorgeous inspiration images to see what they enjoyed, created a few mood boards, landed on the ultimate visions, finalized products and then the contractor was off. We can't wait to share some updates and final photos once this primary suite retreat is completed.

Until then, check out the mood boards and inspiration images and let us know what you think. Hope this gives you some ideas for your next bathroom renovation and always let us know if you want to partner up with Grace + Henry so we can create the space you have always dreamed of.


Primary Bathroom // Inspiration

From the start, we knew we wanted to create an elegant and spa like retreat for their primary bathroom. Also, since the client might be looking to sell their home in the next five years we wanted to ensure that not only the client will love it but to also think about the resale of the home as well. We kept the focus on primary bathrooms that incorporated Carrara marble subway tile, freestanding bath tubs, marble accent tile and sleek yet elegant fixtures.

Sharing some stunning photos and ideas from other designers here. This is definitely a great and effective way to show our client some initial design inspiration before we start to pull together concepts boards.

Combination of Marble Subway Wall Tile + Hexagon Floor Tile

Classic and White Details

Warm Toned Vanity with Classic Shower Details

Modern Yet Classic Shower Fixtures Paired with Marble Tile

Standing Tub with Stunning Marble Bathroom Floor Tile

Stylish Marble Shower with Subtle Niche

Stunning Marble Flooring for an Elegant Feel

Classic Double Vanity with Subtle Color

Marble Tile with a Sleek Shower System

Freestanding Tub with Marble Flooring

Mood Boards

Our client wanted to create a spa like retreat for their primary bathroom and we were thrilled to partner with them on the design. After we reviewed some design inspiration images and discussed preferences, Grace + Henry Designs worked to create a few mood boards. This really allowed us to show our client how different textures, colors and patterns come together and enable an immersive discussion. We love how mood boards really cultivate the feeling of the space with just a few well selected products.

A few items we knew we wanted to include and focus on with the mood boards:

  • Freestanding soaking tub and pendant light combination

  • Marble tile in the shower with an amazing shower system

  • Elegant marble accent tile

  • Double vanity with plenty of storage (and checking out other vanity colors)

Check out our mood boards below. The first one is the concept we ultimately selected, but showcasing some of the other options we reviewed and to highlight how a few small changes can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel. One of our favorites is the impact the vanity color can have when it is switched from white to light gray (Concept Board Option #5) or when we swap out to include a more traditional pendant light and wood flooring (Concept Board Option #2).

01. Vanity Mirror (Pottery Barn) // 02. Bathroom Towels // 03. Pendant Light (Pottery Barn) // 04. Freestanding Bathtub (Kohler) // 05. Marble Floor Tile (The Tile Shop) // 06. Shower System (Signature Hardware) // 07. Accent Marble Tile (Floor & Décor) // 08. Marble Subway Wall Tile (The Tile Shop) // 09. Bathroom Vanity (Pottery Barn)


Other Mood Boards from Grace + Henry Designs

When working with our client we also considered some of these other great choices below, that have subtle changes (like a different light fixture) when compared to the mood board we ultimately landed on.

Option 2: We love the warmth of the wood flooring paired with a classic lantern pendant light from Circa Lighting. These two changes still create a classic, elegant and spa like primary bathroom but the wood flooring adds a touch of coziness. Also, we love how this marble accent tile looked just as beautiful in both options. Ultimately, we opted to keep the marble throughout but still love this option.


Option 3: Here we continued to add some additional warmth to the primary suite bathroom renovation by swapping out a white vanity for this beautiful natural finish vanity from Pottery Barn. After reviewing this option further, this helped us confirm that we preferred the crisp and brighter look of the white vanity with marble flooring in our selected concept board.


Option 4: This option we tried something a little more modern yet still elegant by introducing a sleek black chandelier from Pottery Barn, black vanity and a gorgeous marble hexagon accent tile from The Tile Shop. Our client loved this option, but when we considered the look/feel of the rest of the home and that they are considering selling their home in the next few years, we opted to keep the classic look of marble and silver toned finishes in our selected concept board above.


Option 5: In the final option we opted to go back to a more neutral yet classic palette by introducing a lovely light gray bathroom vanity from Pottery Barn, beautiful mosaic marble accent tile from Tile Bar and the original chandelier light. We love how the light gray in the vanity and accent tile pick up the tones in the marble and offer some contrast when compared to the white vanity. This option was the runner-up and we all loved this concept board.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on this primary bathroom renovation and let us know if there is a combination or concept board that you would love to see.

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Aug 08, 2023

Can you tell me the source of the accent tile in Option 3? I love it!

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