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Kitchen Renovation // Inspiration + Mood Board

Working with our client to renovate their spacious kitchen in the suburbs of Chicago. We are excited to work with them in the early stage and then continue through construction to create the kitchen of their dreams. Take a look at some initial concepts and inspiration we pulled for them as we work through initial concepts.


Kitchen Mood Board

We are lucky to have worked with this client in the past, so after an initial consult we had a good feeling for the overall vibe they wanted in their kitchen (not to mention it has to be highly functional). First thing up, we pulled inspiration images and created a mood board. The client loved it and helps ensure we have a great reference point as we move forward with design.

P.S. Having a mood board created ahead of cabinet builder and contractor discussions is so helpful. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We find having key reference images creates a clear vision and streamlines the entire design and construction process.

02// via @Eyeforpretty
06// via @Stofferhome
07// Initial flooring option

Initial Kitchen Details

The mood board really let us make some decisions early on that will help us stay focused and ensure a clear vision. Take a look at a few of these below.

01// Cabinet Colors: We want to keep it classic while introducing some modern touches (without going too modern). We will incorporate black base cabinets at the island and also a black hood for their range while keeping the remainder of the cabinets white. This will balance the traditional with modern effortlessly and something the family will never grow tired of. (Look out for a future post where we do a deep dive on the process for reviewing and selecting our final cabinet colors.)

02// Countertop: Since we love the black and while paint color combination we opted to keep the countertops classic and elegant. We love the marble look but want an easier surface to maintain day to day so opted for a gorgeous quartz from Caesarstone in Empira White. Once we finalize the cabinet design and speak with the builder we will lock in our selection, but for now this will help guide our decisions.

Via Caesarstone (Empira White)

03// Hardware Finish: While the gold and brass hardware is absolutely stunning in many homes, for the client's home and overall style we are staying with hardware in the silver family. It's important to not only think of the room you are renovating but how it connects to the entire home which is why we reached the decision easily.

Rejuvenation has an amazing selection of hardware and included one of our favorite options below. We will wait on the final selection until we finish the cabinet design, but it is always great to have a few options in mind to ensure the vision is heading in the direction you want to create.

Via Rejuvenation (Ladd Drawer Pull)

Check back for more exciting updates on our Chicago kitchen remodel! And let us know what you think of our initial mood board, would love to hear your thoughts.


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