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Beach House Paint Transformation (SW Topsail 6217)

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Sharing one of our favorite coastal and versatile paint colors with you - SW Topsail 6217. Our client purchased a vacation + investment property on the sunny beaches of St. George Island, Florida. They loved the stunning home, but knew they needed to do some simple yet impactful updates before the upcoming rental season. With a quick e-consult we updated their space just in time for summer with one of our most loved paint colors. Also, sharing some of our favorite photos of how other designers used this perfect coastal blue paint color.


Paint - Before + After

With a quick turnaround time, we started with their main living area that includes stunning views of the ocean. We wanted to shift away from the yellow and brown undertones and introduced a more cool toned coastal color palette. Ultimately we selected SW Topsail for the primary living space and a guest room. We achieved a bright and coastal vibe while balancing the cool beachy tones they love.

We also swapped out the red upholstered fabric with new blue sofa and loveseat . While the majority of the previous furniture remained we were able to move in the overall direction and over the course of the next year we plan to continue updates in the rental off season.

Take a look at how this gorgeous SW Topsail paint transformed these areas below.

After Above
Family Room // Sherwin Williams Topsail

Before Above
Family Room // Paint Unknown

After Above
Dining Room + Family Room // Sherwin Williams Topsail

Before Above
Dining Room + Family Room // Paint Unknown

After Above
Guest Bedroom // Sherwin Williams Topsail

Before Above
Guest Bedroom // Paint Unknown


Inspiration Images

We wanted to share some other gorgeous photos of how others have incorporated this subtle blue paint color into their homes and designs. We always recommend that clients still test it out in their home, it can be helpful to see how it appears in different homes and lighting as well.


Mood Board

After a consult with our client, we discussed the overall goal for the beach house. Since they will renovate over a few years we wanted to discuss their long-term vision to ensure the paint selected now will work well with the future flooring, kitchen renovations and more. We incorporated images of their current home along with materials we plan to use in the future to ensure a cohesive theme for the entire home.

Paint Selection Tips

When selecting the main paint color for the beach house we carefully considered a handful of items. Check out our helpful list below when reviewing this color and others for your space.

Image via Sherwin Williams

Undertones: SW Topsail is a clean and crisp blue with slight gray undertones. With bright and natural light it can show its aqua color tones at times too (check out the bedroom photo above). The undertones work really well as a modern coastal color if you want to move away from yellow undertones and towards the softer gray ones. When selecting your color, make sure you take a look at the color family and that you are comfortable with the paint's undertone as it can make a huge difference once the paint moves from a paint chip to the entire room.

LRV: This value lets you know how much light the color reflects - the higher the value the more it reflects. While the beach house does have an abundance of natural light we didn't have to worry too much, but we still always double check.

Home's Color Palette: We always take a holistic view when selecting a paint color. We discuss the client's plan for future work (or not), review flooring, fabrics in the home, etc. It is important to not only look at the color of the paint, but how it will integrate and pull the house together. We wanted to shift away from the yellow/beige colors to blues, green and gray. Thus, this color will work well now as the home is in transition and be perfect once the rest of the updates are completed.

Check back for more exciting updates on the St. George Island Beach House! And let us know what you think of the quick paint refresh, would love to hear your thoughts.


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