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Kitchen Cabinets // White + Black Paint Combination for Transitional Modern Home

Paint is one of the most important items (and one of our favorites) to consider with any renovation - especially when selecting it for your kitchen cabinets. This is why we always consider it early in the process to ensure we have plenty of time to review different colors, samples and mock-ups.

With our client's Chicago kitchen renovation we quickly determined that we wanted a 'white' paint for the upper and lower cabinets with a 'black' paint for the kitchen island base cabinets. This will effortlessly pair with a quartz countertop we have selected. Check out a few of the inspiration photos we considered to help finalize our kitchen cabinet colors along with some considerations on the paint color for the custom range hood. Future post coming on the specific paint colors we are considering.


Black + White Paint Color Inspiration

We pulled some initial images to share with our client on how different paint combinations would work together. We quickly determined we wanted to create a light and bright kitchen with some black details so 'white' for the majority of the cabinets was easily reached.

Next, we needed to consider where and how much 'black' we wanted to introduce. The images below were helpful as a starting point while we guided our client to how these images would (or would not) work for their vision and own kitchen. These images also led us to discuss light fixtures how how they can add to the overall look (future post on kitchen light fixtures).

Design via Jyll Mackie

Design via Urbanology Designs

Design via McGee and Co


Black Range Hood Considerations

It is always important to carefully consider how you want to introduce a new paint color especially on millwork and kitchen cabinets. We are lucky to be working with a large kitchen that gives us room to introduce another color and by using it with the right elements - creates a cohesive look.

The kitchen island was an easy decision to go with 'black', but we discussed the pro's and con's of using it for the custom hood. Ultimately, we decided it would be a great option for the kitchen and sharing a few of our considerations below.

Why we selected a black range hood:

  1. Showcase the architectural details of the custom millwork. We didn't want the hood to get lost if the we painted it white similar to the cabinets and risk it all just blending together too much. (Note: If you have a small kitchen would not recommend such high contrast by default, but since our client has a generously sized kitchen we can create this contrast without the risk of having the space feel tight.)

  2. The black hood will compliment the quartz countertop and backsplash by picking up on the subtle black veining that runs throughout it. We have a classic quartz so it will not compete with a black hood. (See our previous post for countertop details.)

  3. Visually elongate and connect the kitchen elements. Since the kitchen island will also have black base cabinets it will tie in well. When people enter the kitchen it will work to pull your eye through the entire space all the way to the back wall where the range will be located.

  4. Balance the kitchen. We are using black sconce lighting on the adjacent wall, so this will incorporate the black details throughout other areas of the kitchen while also balancing the large kitchen island. It is always important to ensure the space is both balanced and cohesive - we don't want to just have a black island, so the black range hood with other black details will create a balanced aesthetic.


Check back for more exciting updates on our Chicago kitchen remodel.

And let us know what you think of our initial paint color selections, would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions.


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