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Kitchen Renovation // Kitchen Island Light Fixtures for a Transitional Modern Kitchen

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Continuing to share the design process as we work with our client on their Chicagoland kitchen renovation. Since we already confirmed the overall design direction (previous post) with the client, cabinet paint colors, countertop and kitchen layout - we are moving on to some of the other key details. We wanted to share a few of our favorite pendant lights for the kitchen island with you as we work towards our final selection.

Plus some bonus tips for selecting pendant lighting and two quick mock-ups we did to help our client envision the lights in their future space.


Light Fixtures We Are Considering

Sharing a few of the pendant lights for the kitchen island we are considering and the range of shapes, styles and finishes. Included a few of our top contenders below. We will share our final selection shortly!

Dianna Four Light Medium Lantern ($270)
Image via Circa

24" Conical Drum Pendant ($689)
Image via Rejuvenation

Butte 24" Cone Aged Brass Pendant ($499)
Image via Rejuvenation

Harrington Lantern Chandelier - Large ($270)
Image via Shades of Light


Kitchen Island Pendants - Tips + Considerations

Sharing some items we take into consideration when helping our client select the perfect light fixtures for their kitchen islands. There are always the basics like the finish, but here we are sharing a few more details we consider that really make a difference for our clients.

01// Scale

In addition to the light fixture dimensions, it is key to take the island dimensions, spacing between the fixtures and overall volume of the fixtures into account to ensure they are the perfect selection with your kitchen. Check out the quick mock-up below for our client's kitchen.

The light fixture dimensions and spacing between is a key part to making sure the fixtures don't look too large or small in the space. Here is a handy reference image from Circa for some basic dimensions to keep in mind.

Image via Circa

02// The "Look-Up" Test

We always want to make sure that the lights look not only gorgeous when entering the room, but as you are walking and sitting under them. It's an important item we consider this when making final light selections with our client. It's a quick test, but important since you will be enjoying the pendant lights from all angles.

Image via Circa

03// Adjustable Height an Option?

The overall height of the kitchen ceiling, island height and length of the pendant are important to factor in. For example, do you have a vaulted ceiling or extremely tall ceiling height? It's important to make sure the pendants have enough of a 'drop' to comfortably work with the countertop height - trying to keep the pendants approx. 30" - 36" above.

One way to ensure flexibility is to check and see if the pendants have an adjustable chain or rod which will give you some options to play around with once they arrive.

04// How Do They Fit into Adjacent Rooms and Home?

One items which is easy to lose track of when you are focusing on a room is how the space connects to the rest of the home, which is why we are here to help guide our clients through the process and ensure they not only love the space but how it works with the rest of the home.

For example, does the kitchen open up to an adjacent family room? In our case it does, so we want to review the paint, lighting and overall design to ensure the kitchen design and lighting connects to this room. Remember, it doesn't have to match, but should have some element to ensure the rooms look purposeful and connected.


Quick Lighting Mock-Up

Sometimes the best way to ensure you are selecting the perfect item for your home, is to see a quick mock-up of it in your future space. In this example, we did a fast mock-up for our client in order to get a better feeling of how it will look in their space. Within about 10 minutes we can easily show our client a few options and have deeper discussions. We will sometimes render more realistic images, but for the pendant lights the images below was all we needed.

- Mock-Up 01 -

- Mock-Up 02 -


Check back for more exciting updates on our Chicago kitchen remodel! And let us know what you think of our initial pendant lights, would love to hear your thoughts.


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